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Jolly tribute Jolly tribute

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The overall animation was decent, however, I did not like the shading in most of your art. The explosion were alright but a bit lacking. The voice acting was however excellent, and the sfx as well, I hope you make them open to the public sometime!

I noticed a few spelling errors in the subtitles however and warn you to try to check your flash's of such minor glitches next time and it may improve a star.

The big thing though was there was no story. Include on next time.

I hope to see better of you next time. 6/10

Domo-2 responds:

First off thanks for reviewing. The spelling errors is what thenewbies was going for. If your talking about cool being spelled "kewl" that was on purpose. It was a tribute to are good friend Jolly so its not spose to have any meaning. And it was submited on clock day so that is the only reason why it passed.

And it did not deserve a 6/10 maybe a 3 or 4